The World of Insulating Glass

The World of Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is a growing global market

Insulating glass is a product that is used in a variety of ways, as it has important advantages over plain glass: it has a heat insulating (therefore energy saving) and soundproofing effect. In addition, it can stop long-wave infrared light if metal vaporization is applied. These are substantial product advantages.

Due to rising environmental awareness as well as the need to find energy saving solutions, the market is growing around the globe.

IGMS’s business is correspondingly global: as a specialist for insulating glass machinery, IGMS has handled over 110 projects worldwide – from Europe to South America, from the Caribbean to Asia.

In order to keep our customers’ service costs low and still be available on-site as quickly as possible, we cooperate with local service technicians specializing in systems we offer. In case of a machine problem, for instance, these local technicians make fast action possible.

Spare parts – provided we have the parts in stock – are delivered worldwide within 3-4 days at the latest with FedEx as our reliable partner.

The World of Insulating Glass

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Do you have any questions about insulating glass production?

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Insulating glass – a product with a green effect.

Those who use insulating glass need less energy. Due to its proven energy saving properties, insulating glass is in this respect a “green product” in this respect. The savings potential, particularly in respect of with large buildings, is enormous and the use of insulating glass (instead of plain glass) should be given preference .over plain glass.

IGMS focuses on second-hand machinery and is therefore able tocan thus continue itsthe “green thoughtemphasis”, so to speak: by repairing & refurbishing used Machinery, its life cycle is being extended, thereby saving the resources required to manufacture a new machine.

Another IGMS field of expertise of IGMS is the technological upgrade of machinery and machine parts: owing to the production lines’ modular design, by exchanging one machine the remaining parts of the production line can be adapted to the relevant corresponding technological advances and thus make a continued up-to-date use possible for many years. This can be done by, for example, by exchanging a sheet press for a gas filling press or by adding automatic sealing to an existing line.

The same applies to the components, products, and systems the lines are built of. These can be exchanged for updated versions and the machines are therefore adaptable to future technologies. This makes it possible to integrate the technological progress continuously and immediately by simply exchanging some of the components in the existing systems.

When machinery becomes absolutely unfit to be used in manufacturing and when refurbishment would be uneconomical in every respect, IGMS responsibly scraps these machines. This means that all functional parts are removed, tested, and used to fix machines with Grade III and IV Certificates. On request, such parts are passed on as a repair package to buyers of machines with Grade V Certificates. The unusable rest is disposed of in full compliance with waste separation requirements.

Choose a global market leader for the accuracy you require

There are numerous manufacturers of insulating glass machinery, but it’s only the renowned global market leaders which meet the standards required to achieve a seamless production process – the Austrian manufacturer Lisec above all.

Often copied, but never matched – the difference in quality becomes apparent in many important aspects of the machinery, parts such as the employed materials used or the accuracy of workmanship. Efficient industrial production needs technical stability and is a decisive commercial considerationaspect.

Therefore, in order to offer its customers the highest possible levels of quality, technology, and reliability IGMS only carries machinery by these manufacturers, for only these manufacturers guarantee that spare parts for their machinery will be available for many years after the initial launch. This creates trust and reassures confidence when the decision to purchase is being made.

IGMS searchable database

We’re happy to help you decide if a second-hand insulating glass machine or production line is right for you!

You can also search for second-hand insulating glass machinery in our extensive database!

IGMS searchable database

Know-how & service are vital to successful production

Just buying a machine is not enough. Who is going to take care of all those questions and difficulties that can arise if the machine is to be successfully integrated into the production process?

As in any other occupation, only long years of practice can help to develop that fine touch, to learn how to find a suitable solution for every task. Since 1992 in the insulating glass industry, IGMS CEO Matthias Sinzinger is the ideal partner in terms of know-how for standard and individually customized solutions. This is emphasized by our more than 110 projects completed worldwide emphasise that.

This knowledge is combined with the dual service offered by IGMS:
1. The „All-inclusive delivery service" upon purchase
2. The „After- sales service“-service following purchase

Many companies want to expand their existing production by one machine or to simplify complex production processes with automation. However, since a perfectly suitable machine is not always available on the second-hand market we also offer individually customized solutions, which requires the co-operation of various specialists and suppliers. Therefore, also in this area we also work closely together with several companies specializing in mechanical engineering and automation in this area. This always guarantees a successful result and therefore satisfied customers.

Know-how & service are vital to successful production