Why you should choose IGMS

Why you should choose IGMS

Spare part security

At IGMS, we are aware of how important it is to have spare parts available – not just to help you decide which equipment to purchase, but also to ensure the reliability of the insulating glass manufacturing process in general.

To give you some help on this important topic, here are three reasons you can feel safe choosing us for all things spare.

1. We only deal with machines from global market leaders. This immediately guarantees high levels of both quality and reliability, as only these manufacturers can ensure that spare parts can be supplied for their machines many years after they initially enter into operation.

2. We make sure to consciously stock up on spare parts. We are proactive when it comes to stocking up on spare parts in order to do business in the most realistic and responsible manner – in this way, we can also provide our customers with professional advice after they have made their purchase.

3. Our spare parts are immediately available for worldwide express delivery. We’re also here for you if you need any spare parts, even if you haven’t bought any equipment with us! Find out more about spare parts here.

Spare part security

The advantages of second-hand insulating glass machinery

It’s clear to see the advantages of buying second-hand insulating glass machinery in comparison to new machinery:

  1. Lower investment costs
  2. Shorter amortisation period
  3. Smaller loss in value when reselling

These parameters can come into play in various situations, such as

– if you have a limited budget
– if production is time-restricted
– if production is only taking place on a trial basis etc.

Questions? We’re happy to help you decide if a second-hand insulating glass machine or production line is right for you!

The advantages of second-hand insulating glass machinery