Purchasing Machinery

Purchasing Machinery

We buy your used insulating glass machine!

Here at IGMS, we don’t just sell second-hand insulating glass machinery, but we’re also constantly on the hunt for used machines for our customers. As such, we offer reasonable prices and excellent conditions to companies wishing to sell their equipment.

We’re looking for all kinds of machines from the insulating glass sector, from individual machines to manual production lines and all the way to fully-automatic production lines. The more facts and figures for your equipment that you give to us, the better we can respond to your offer.

We have created a Request for Offer Form to make the process easier for you – simply fill it out by providing us with the following information:

  1. Your company details and the name of a contact person
  2. The name of the machine or production line for sale (and a description of its condition)
  3. One or more current photographs (not taken more than 4 weeks previously, if possible)
  4. Asking price
  5. Date equipment will be available

You will receive an offer from us as soon as we have all the necessary information. We’re also happy to arrange an on-site inspection (please always provide your telephone number in this case).

Offer Form

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